Instant online data updates availability of aircraft

CharterX, a web-based software provider, has released the latest generation of an online charter marketplace that provides instant information on aircraft availability, scheduling and pricing.

The Portland, Oregon-based company, which has more than 15,000 aircraft in its worldwide database, says version 5 of its Industry XChange software will also provide a platform for future air-taxi operators planning to launch services using the new generation of very light jets (VLJ).

The system, which is used primarily by charter brokers for wholesale bookings or by operators looking for retail sales, is expected to be adapted by VLJ air taxi operators that "could snap it into their website. It will probably be a great way for them to jump start marketing," says operations vice-president Bonney Pelley.

The system stores information on more than 1,000 empty legs on average a day, and updates availability information on over 1,000 business jets a week.

* Air charter software providers Avinode of Sweden and CTA-FOS of the USA have formed a strategic alliance allowing each company to integrate real-time aircraft availability from their respective databases of charter operators.


Source: Flight International