A new solution to making voice-recognition systems compatible with the high levels of noise and vibration in the helicopter cockpit is being developed by the UK's Defence Evaluation and Research Agency (DERA).

The organisation also says that pilot workload will be reduced with the introduction of its new voice command system.

The Direct Voice Input (DVI) command programme enables head-up and eyes-out control of cockpit systems and equipment because the aircrew is able to speak commands into a speech recogniser rather than having to focus on buttons and switches.

The breakthrough by DERA follows extensive laboratory research to overcome the problem of operating continuous-word speech recognisers in the high noise and vibration environment of the helicopter cockpit.

DERA says DVI is particularly effective for operating radios, navigation equipment and multi-page displays when the pilot's eyes and hands are busy and provides improved mission effectiveness and flight safety.

DVI has been used during flight trials on a Westland Lynx to select radio channels by name and achieved a word accuracy of 98% for hover, slalom and nap of the earth flight conditions.

Source: Flight Daily News