Want to lose weight without dieting? Spaceland might have the answer.

The Italian-based company specialises in research into weightlessness (zero gravity) and reduced gravity, such as found on the Moon and Mars.

Spaceland also offers the public the chance to experience zero G flights for themselves using a NASA-authorised aircraft based at the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida, USA. The aircraft performs between 18-40 parabolic manoeuvres each flight, offering up 26 minutes of weightlessness.

It also plans to start up weightless operations in Europe with flights from Kiruna in Lapland, and possibly Rome, Italy, from Spring 2009.

It isn't all just for fun either. The company undertakes research into developments like Bluetooth-equipped biomonitors, such as those worn by one 93-year-old passenger – the oldest person ever to fly in zero G.

Source: Flight International