Russian space agency Roscosmos has released a strategic plan, meant to guide the agency through 2030.

The strategic guidance is a broad overview, with specific requirements to be established by 2020.

The report states that priorities should be established along three differing priorities: first, guaranteeing Russian access to space and development of the national space industry; second to advance space-based scientific research, and third to guarantee crewed spaceflight.

Amongst the specific activities listed are building a new launch site in eastern Russia - a reference to the under-construction Vostochny launch site, development of advanced launch vehicles and maintaining the International Space Station (ISS).

The report mentions economic competitiveness in space, which Roscosmos hopes to increase from the current share - around 10% of the world market - to 16% by 2020. In order to do so, the agency hopes for work on inter-satellite communications and signal processing, amongst other things.

The report also mentions "improving the management of the rocket and space industry, [and] implementation of comprehensive measures for its restructuring." The Russian space industry has been under significant political pressure after a series of incidents resulting in the loss of both rocket and payload, some of which were traced to quality control problems in manufacturing.

Source: Flight International