Xcor Aerospace has named three more payload integrators as the suborbital vehicle maker prepares to enter flight tests later this year.

Spain's EMXYS, the Planetary Science Institute and the Space Engineering Research Center of Texas A&M University will each help the research community use the Lynx spacecraft to conduct experiments and gather data.

Xcor is in the process of assembling the first Lynx spacecraft.

The Lynx is designed to support the suborbital tourists and researchers, a market the Mojave, California-based company expects to generate up to $6 billion in annual revenue.

Xcor has named a total of 10 payload integrators and promised that more will be added.

Each payload integrator are tasked with working with end users to explain the Lynx's unique requirements, including packaging and power systems. The integrators will also sometimes fabricate the end users experimental and data-gathering equipment, which allows Xcor to focus on designing and assembling the vehicle itself.

Xcor unveiled the three latest integrators at the next generation suborbital researchers conference in Palo Alto, California.

Previously, Xcor had named several other partners, including Southwest Research Institute of San Antonio and Boulder, NanoRacks of Washington DC, Spaceflight Services of Tukwila, Washington, Space Expedition Curacao, Yecheon Astro Space Center of South Korea, Cosmica of France, and African Space Institute in South Africa.

Source: Flight International