This week's picture is from a series of unique pictures from the Flight International spaceflight archive, which goes back to the very beginning of the space age.

Are you able to tell us the event pictured below? What is the mission? Tell us your thoughts and send us your own amusing caption by emailing Rob Coppinger, Flight International's space reporter.  Answers and winning caption will be published next week. Please supply a physical location in your message.


  Space flight picture of the week



spaceflight picture of the week


Thanks to all of the readers who suggested an explanation.

Last week’s image shows Space Shuttle Discovery in orbit during its September 1993 STS-51 mission. Sven Weber of Heidelberg, Germany correctly identified the picture. It was taken by a remote controlled IMAX camera on the ORFEUS-SPAS spacecraft, deployed for eight days of astronomical observations in the ulta violet spectrum.

Source: Flight International