This week's picture is from a series of unique pictures from the Flight International spaceflight archive, which goes back to the very beginning of the space age.ABOUT: CHINA
Spaceflight photo of the week 11 April 2006
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Spaceflight photo 7 April W445
"Although initially promising, the concept of pedal-driven LEM was eventually dropped in favour of a more conventional N2O4/UDMH/N2H4 propulsion system"

Thanks to Bruno de Turckheim for supplying the caption and to all other readers who suggested an explanation. However, no-one correctly guessed what was portrayed in the shot.

The picture, from April 1980, shows commander of spaceship Soyuz-35 Leonid Popov on a bicycle ergometer during physiological tests at the Yuri Gagarin cosmonauts' training centre (also known as Star City), located just outside Moscow.

Source: Flight International