This week's picture is from a series of unique pictures from the Flight International spaceflight archive, which goes back to the very beginning of the space age.

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  Space flight picture of the week

Spaceflight picture of the week: 27 October 2006


spaceflight pic of the week 20 oct 2006

"Gee, I think I've missed the ILS..."
Frank Fischer, Braunschweig,

Thanks to all of the readers who suggested an explanation, Donald G. Stroud from Texas, Chris Gilbert from Bremen, Frank Fischer from Braunschweig, Georges Garbarino from Brussels, and Tom Mosher from Texas all identified the image correctly.

Last week’s image shows the Space Shuttle Orbiter 101 "Enterprise" approaching Edwards Air Force Base following a two-minute, 34-second unpowered phase of the fourth Approach and Landing Test (ALT) free flight on October 12, 1977. In preparation for conditions of actual Space Shuttle flights, this mission marked the first one in which the Orbiter went up minus tail cone. Inside the Enterprise were Astronauts Joe H. Engle, flight commander, and Richard H. Truly, pilot.