This week's picture from a series of unique pictures from the Flight International spaceflight archive, which goes back to the very beginning of the space age, is below.

Spaceflight photo 7 April W445

The man in the centre is undertaking medical trials before one of space's epochal ventures. Can you identify the people involved, the trials taking place or even their significance?

Tell us your thoughts and send us your own amusing caption by emailing Rob Coppinger, Flight International's space reporter.  Answers and winning caption will be published next week. Please supply a physical location in your message.

Last week's image

Spaceflight photograph 31 Mar 06
© British Aerospace

"And we avoid a pig nickname how, exactly?"

Thanks to Marc Passy from Skokie, Illinois for the caption and
Frank Robinson in Smithtown, New York
and Mark Costello for  correctly guessing the mission (see below)


The picture above is an artist drawing of the proposed British Aerospace Multi-Role Recovery Capsule (MRRC), proposed in 1987 when the UK government rejected the European Space Agency Hermès space plane. BAe mooted it in response to a request for proposal by NASA in 1987 as a rescue system for the International Space Station, potentially capable of bringing eight men back. It was to be launched on an Ariane 4. 

Several readers found the answers on Encyclopedia Astronautica

Source: Flight International