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Spain no longer makes up the numbers among Europe's aerospace elite.When national champion CASA merged into EADS in 2000, Madrid got just over a 5% share in the new entity, compared with 30% for the French and German owners.Yet Spain's young industry has a sound technological base and is growing fast.It has embraced European integration- although some regret a loss of independence- and has gone out to nurture regional supply chains around Bilbao, Barcelona, Madrid and Seville.In this special feature, we look at the programmes serving Spanish industry so well, and one region's efforts to create an aerospace hub.

 Spain Aerospace industry  Perfect Ten

Spain has an ambition to be responsible for a tenth of the Europe's aerospace output, but is it achievable


 Spanish prize

Being part of the Airbus project for 35 years has seen the airframer's Spanish arm grow in stature


 Heavy duty

The Spanish-built A400M is on track to fly in two years. We assess the programme's progress

 Seville pride

Andalucia believes the A400M's halo effect will help it become a hub of European aerospace


Source: Flight International