Spain is gaining in stature as one of Europe's premier aerospace nations, thanks to investment by EADS in its Airbus and Eurocopter facilities and successful efforts to create a strong supply chain, specialising in aerostructures.

Despite taking longer than expected to start rolling, the final assembly line for the Airbus Military A400M in Seville has created a halo effect for suppliers in Andalusia and the country as a whole.

 © Airbus
Although part of Airbus since the 1970s, EADS's Spanish unit and its suppliers are today building more of the Europeanairliners

This special report looks at how two of Spain's regions are developing highly-competent aerospace manufacturing clusters and the rise of Eurocopter Espana, now a fully-fledged assembler of helicopters in its own right.

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TAP Air Portugal's MRO division is boosting third-party work

It also focuses on neighbouring Portugal's MRO- and aerostructures-focused sector and how OGMA and TAP are benefiting from itsBrazilian connections.

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Source: Flight International