Sir - In the feature "Highly rated" (Flight International, 11-17 September, P46), you comment on the "formidable task" which a pilot rated on the Boeing 737-100 to -400 has in keeping up with manuals and learning and remembering changes.

Perhaps the regulatory authorities could spare a thought for the line engineer who has to do the same - and not just for one aircraft type. One engineer I know, for example, works on the Boeing 747 Classic, 747 and 767, the McDonnell Douglas DC-10 and MD-11 and the Airbus A330/340, as well as on all the engine types available on each.

Of course, the right answer, first time, every time, is expected - even if the type may not have been seen for two or three months. Maybe "recency" requirements should be introduced for engineers, or they should be limited to the number of types held.

I can't see too many airline managers rejoicing over these proposals.


Hong Kong

Source: Flight International