The World Airline Entertainment Association's (WAEA) technology committee will pass its specifications for third-generation wired networks for in-flight entertainment (IFE) systems to Arinc to start the standardisation process early next year.

The third-generation network specification is part of continuing efforts to introduce standards to the IFE industry in a bid to simplify the process of installing new-generation IFE systems on aircraft. The specifications relate to the wiring required to install the new systems in the seats and is intended to address Airbus and Boeing's requests for a single wiring network that will allow IFE system manufacturers to "plug and play" their equipment on new aircraft, says Rich Salter, IFE consultant and co-chair of the WAEA technology committee. The specification involves new IFE systems that are under development and likely to be on the market in around five years.

The standardisation process should take 18 months to two years, says Earl Nicks, senior principal engineer at Arinc. The WAEA is also looking to standardise loaders for IFE content.

Source: Flight International