UK-based oil and debris analysis programme company Spectro has been selected by Eurocopter to provide an oil analysis program for its EC135 helicopter fleet. In addition, Bond Air Services and CHC Scotia have signed extended contracts with Spectro to provide analysis services for their fleets.

Spectro’s laboratory in Switzerland has also been awarded a contract renewal by TUAG Triebwerk Unterhalt, a maintenance and service centre in Switzerland, to provide oil and debris analysis for the Turbomeca engine operators that use TUAG as their overhaul and repair facility.

Spectro’s sister company, Jet-Care International, based in Cedar Knolls, New Jersey has been awarded a five-year contract extension to provide oil and debris analysis for its Turbomeca Arriel 2C2CG engines powering the service’s  HH-65 Dauphin helicopters.  Jet-Care is now providing analysis for more than 200 engines.

Eurocopter Mexico has also selected Jet-Care to provide oil and debris analysis for all its engines and gearboxes on more than 200 aircraft.

In addition, Jet-Care has added Pratt & Whitney and Williams to its Honeywell and General Electric trend-monitoring programme portfolio.


Source: Flight Daily News