Spirit Airlines plans to turn the receipts generated by is onboard credit card readers into "dynamic publishing space" with printed advertisements, in a further effort to boost ancillary revenue.

The low-cost carrier already uses GuestLogix point-of-sale (POS) handheld devices to support onboard sales in its cashless cabins.

Going forward, destination-based, targeted advertisements will be printed on the front of the POS receipts, while pre-printed branding advertisements will be printed on the back, whenever a Spirit passenger makes a purchase onboard.

The GuestLogix 'OnTouch' targeted advertisements are powered by Jetera, which has developed a patent-pending method for advertisers to connect individual travelers with offers that are personalised to their interests.

"Because we can dynamically target and deliver these ads and offers directly into the hands of inbound passengers, they will receive more value while travelling and will attribute that directly to flying on Spirit Airlines," says Jetera president and CEO Jeff McChesney.

Spirit senior manager onboard products Cenith Wheeler says the arrangement "fits perfectly with our goals of growing non-ticket revenue at zero cost to our airline while adding customer value that will lead to a fulfilling travel experience".

Spirit - which recently grabbed headlines for announcing plans to charge passengers for carry-on luggage - is not the first carrier to sign on for the GuestLogix OnTouch programme.

Republic Airways in February revealed a deal with GuestLogix to implement a sweeping onboard retailing programme, which includes OnTouch, on aircraft flown by its subsidiaries, Frontier Airlines and Midwest Airlines.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news