They beat sports cars, album covers, computer games and the mini-skirt to make the top three of a UK-wide competition to find the best designed anything in the history of the country.

The BAC-Aerospatiale Concorde and Supermarine Spitfire have joined the iconic map that has guided millions of travellers through London's 'tube' underground railway system in the final line-up in the Great British Design Quest.

Viewers of The Culture Show on BBC television narrowed down the original field to the top three and now you can vote via the link above to decide the eventual winner.

Here at Flight we would not want to influence the voting - not too much anyway. But we are concerned that the BBC's remarkable decision to use one of the least attractive pictures of the Spitfire in existence might be unfair to this utterly beautiful machine. So here's something to balance things up again - just in the interests of objectivity you understand.


Flight Collection


Flight Collection


Flight Collection

If you prefer mini-skirts then there are some here.

Source: Flight International