A 50-year-old "very light jet" is enjoying a renaissance thanks to a shared-ownership programme that is offering refurbished and upgraded Morane-Saulnier MS760 Paris twinjets. With bases in Toronto and Orlando, JetSet has just taken delivery of its third MS760x Paris Jet under an agreement with restorer Your Aircraft Source (YAS) covering 20 aircraft, with options for a further 10.

JetSet is selling shares in the four-seat jet in increments of 25h for a 1/16th share, costing $60,000, with a target of five owners per aircraft. The management fee is $1,000 a month and operating charge $1,000 an hour.

Founder and president Ed Furtak says he chose the Paris - designed as a trainer - because it is easy to fly. "It is a sports car with wings," he adds.

JetSet requires owners who plan to fly the aircraft themselves to have at least 700h total time in type-rated aircraft and 25h in the Paris - preferably 50-100h - logged by flying with a mentor pilot.

Support services from JetSet include a professional pilot to position the aircraft or fly with the owner. Maintenance is by Georgia-based YAS, which is refurbishing aircraft at a rate of one per quarter.

Sales are split 50:50 between pilots and non-pilots, says Furtak. The MS760x is upgraded with Chelton glass cockpit, but retains the original Turbomeca Marbore engines, which are "thirsty".

Source: Flight International