A Cirrus SR22 that crashed on 15 September disappeared from radar only moments after the pilot requested vectors from air traffic control to execute a second instrumented landing approach, according to a preliminary report by the National Transportation Safety Board.

Five people were killed in the crash that occurred at 00:23 about 9.66km (5.22nm) northwest of Springfield-Branson National Airport in Missouri, the NTSB says.

The single-engine piston, with registration N436KS, was flying to Springfield from Lee's Summit Municipal Airport, a distance of roughly 260km, according to the report.

Springfield's control tower cleared the pilot at 00:17 for an instrument landing approach on runway 14. Three minutes later, the pilot requested vectors to execute a second instrumented approach. But the controller lost radar contact with the aircraft 30sec later, and attempts to contact the aircraft were not successful.

The crash site revealed markings indicating the airplane was oriented at a 340-degree heading upon impact, with debris spread about 33.5m from the main crater.

Source: Flight International