The Boeing 747 is set to make a remarkable achievement - when it lands on a doormat. The world's most famous aircraft is to appear on a US postage stamp.

The B747 has been selected as part of a public ballot to nominate the most significant technological achievements of the 20th Century.

Two other significant events in aviation history are also being honoured with stamps - the Wright Brothers' first flight in 1903 and Charles Lindbergh's crossing of the Atlantic.


Launching the 33-cent stamp yesterday, Ray Conner, general manager of the Celebrate the Century stamp programme said: "Today we honour the world's largest commercial aircraft, the 747, by putting it on one of the world's smallest communication vehicles - a postage stamp. These two very powerful instruments help bring people and ideas together all over the world."

After the stamp made its debut, Boeing had an unveiling of its own - a 70m2 image of the Jumbo Jet stamp.

Source: Flight Daily News