Star Alliance has confirmed that it is in talks with India's Jet Airways, which is seeking the Indian government's approval to join the group.

"We are aware that Jet has asked the question to the government but we know that so far, it has not received an answer," says Star's chief executive Mark Schwab on the sidelines of Shenzhen Airlines' admission into the alliance.

He also says the alliance has not restarted any formal discussions with loss-making Air India. The Indian flag carrier was forced to suspend its plans to enter the alliance last year after it failed to meet a number of membership requirements. Star said then that it remained open to Air India joining the alliance at a future stage.

Schwab adds that the alliance has always made clear that it wants to adopt a "two-carrier strategy" in India, and that Jet has expressed its interest in joining the alliance for quite some time.

Jet's previous attempts to join Star were fruitless as the Indian government has been keen to have state-owned Air India be the first carrier from the country to join the alliance.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news