Starsem and Eurockot have formed a strategic partnership to co-ordinate the commercial marketing and development of the Soyuz and Rockot launchers.

This follows the formation of EADS (European Aeronautic Defence and Space). EADS member Aerospatiale Matra is a 35% shareholder in Starsem, while partner DaimlerChrysler Aerospace holds 51% in Eurockot.

Starsem shareholder Arianespace recently decided to support the creation of a European launch vehicle family comprising the Ariane, Starsem and Rockot boosters, providing complete heavy, medium and small satellite launch services into a variety of low, medium and geostationary Earth orbits and for interplanetary missions.

The Starsem-Eurockot link will allow the companies to develop common proposals for customers, providing solutions in case one of the launchers is unavailable, and a solution for customers planning to launch satellite constellations.

Source: Flight International