Colonel Yang and the Mysterons

Western space intelligence experts have discovered the apparent reason behind China's recent leaps in the field of manned spaceflight. Clearly pictured helping Lt Col Yang Liwei from his space capsule (Budgie News, October 21-27) appears to be none other than Captain Orange - a hitherto unknown associate of Captain Scarlet and fellow member of Spectrum. But, asks Nephew Allen Knight and he like Scarlet? Can Captain Orange pass on his indestructability? Are the Mysterons up to no good? Is China's Shenzhou 5 the first step towards a Chinese Cloudbase? I think we should be told.

Pocket rockets

Max Thrust: "The rocket will gradually be raised to an erect position over a six-hour period."

Billy Booster: "But we can't have talk of a six-hour erection...there must be a better word?"

Thrust: "How about 'vertification'!?"

Booster: "How about 'viagrafication'?"

Roller bus

(From a recent edition of FX - with thanks to Nephew Ian Forsdike)

"The first of many exhibitions featuring some of Europe's best designs of the past two years, including the French Bouroullec brothers' office of the future for Vitra and the Trent 80 engine for Rolls-Royce's new A380 double-decker jumbo jet."

Baring all

Budgie News: "So what's so new about your airport security system?"

Sid Scanner: "We get the passengers to gradually divest themselves of objects as they move along the security line - things like laptops, belts, shoes, keys, cash, cell phones so that by the time they get to the X-ray they're completely naked!"

Source: Flight International