Boss bonus Budgie News: "So when do you get a new chief executive?" Megaman: "I don't know, and frankly I hope it's not soon!" Budgie: "Why's that?" Mega: "Everytime we lose one, our stock keeps going up and up."

Under cover? Monty Orangeball gets a hot tip on a story. A mysterious informer on the line wants to meet up and pass on some info. "Is he serious, can he be trusted? Who is the mystery man?" asks our intrepid reporter. So off he goes to meet the anonymous tipster – visions of Robert Redford playing Bob Woodward in the film All The President's Men passing through his head. Finally, he meets up with the would-be source, who very disappointingly not only turns out to be more of a Sore Throat than a Deep Throat but begins with: "I won't mention their name, but it rhymes with Flockheed Lartin."

Scared self-loading cargo? (Spotted on the Aeroflot website, company history for 1978 by Nephew Alex Husy) "On April 5, Il-76 fright carrier commanded by Yakovlev Y.S. made the first flight from Moscow to Sofia."

Spotted down under Budgie News own whiz bang expert Stewart Sidewinder reports that a one-time Missile Bombs and Duds R'us org chart presented to company officials made a bit of an error. The four nations (France, UK, Italy and Germany/Allemagne) were listed as (yes…you've guessed it) : F.UK.It.All So much for international collaboration!

Famous Fokker Do you remember the "Fokker 100 Amphibian" cartoon? (Flight International, 29 March–4 April). The creator of the original, Dutch Master Nephew Johan van Hasselt, has emailed to say one day, about 15 years ago, he spent an afternoon "copying small Fokker 100 drawings, cutting them out, pasting the noses and tails or whatever was needed on an A3 piece of paper and drawing all the nonsense myself. As a Fokker employee it had to be done a bit hush hush as it was ‘not done' to mock with the ‘ultimate achievement'." Johan, who presumably should have been working for the advanced projects department with skills like that, says recopied versions of his "works of art" have since been spotted on several hangar walls. Thank you for the inspiration Johan, and yes, please send a few more – and we have another one on the right!

Yuckspeak (series of 1,000,000) Exovolume tracking capability = bathroom scales.

Source: Flight International