Jag prang revealed - or is it?
Last week’s (alleged) Jaguar beat-up attempt picture has prompted nephews Alan Gibson, Simon Lloyd et al to point out a few clues that may reveal otherwise.
Clue No.1: The fl aps are down. Clue No.2: The aircraft is still clearly recognisable as a Jaguar. (Contact with the ground in true Jag beat-up style would probably have ended rather differently.)
Nephew Lloyd thinks the picture probably shows a wheels-up event from the late 1970s. “The Jag had no ‘no wheels down’ warning. Indeed, I prevented a similar occurrence to a 14 Sqn Jag while taxiing my 31 Sqn F4 out at Bruggen.
‘OVERSHOOT – NO GEAR!’”Lloyd and his faithful navigator were asked by the grateful Jag boss if they
would “prefer a crate of beer or a crate of whisky as a reward”.“We reckoned whisky was nearer the cost of the ‘pussycat’.”
Nephew “Sox” Glover, meanwhile, wonders if the unlucky Jag was the same one [it was – Ed] that caused him to take an unwanted dip in the North Sea. “If it was the Jag that ditched 20km north of Blakeney Point in September 1998 – I was in the Royal Navy Sea King that ditched next to it the following day as we conducted a datum search with our active sonar looking for its sonic locator beacon. We did fi nd it, but it was an expensive bit of water!”

Straight and Level 04-04-2006

Get a-way (point)
More lovely waypoints, this time from “Bright Orange” nephew Steve Moody.“In the late 1980s I was flying regular trips from the UAE to India. The charts we used showed the three routes into Gan from the north west, north and north
east. The three waypoints on these routes reading from west to east were:WHATA BUMMR MOMMA.”
Route news
You read it here first… well, hopefully on our industry-leading Air Transport Intelligence news service. Within 4h on 29 March, ATI not only revealed first that Ryanair was adding five new destinations, but then revealed one of them
 was… er… the well-known holiday destination of Ballykelly, or Shackleton Barracks – as the locals in Londonderry call it. For those of you that didn’t spot this (that does not include you,nephew Colin Terrey), the story was actually that of an aircraft operating a Ryanair flight landing by mistake at a virtually disused army airfield in Northern Ireland.
 Does anyone recall a similar event involving a Spanish DC-9 and Langford Lodge?...and by amazing coincidence

Ryanair communique W400

50 years ago inverse colors TN

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