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Bill Honeypot: "And this is our very latest synthetic vision doobrie, which allows us to land in total darkness, virtually anywhere in the world…fantastic isn't it?"

Budgie News: "That's all very well, but can you see something like a moose on the runway?"

Honeypot: "No, not unless its in the database…so that's when we have to do a moosed approach."

Gulfjet: "And this is our extendable 24ft-long extendable supersonic nose spike on the F-15...fantastic isn't it?"

Budgie News: "Are you worried it might break off?"

Gulfjet: "Actually, it's so big we're more worried about the plane breaking off the nose cone!"

straight & level: 1 August 2006 

Yuck speak (series of 1,000,000)

Complete traceability solution for the development of safety critical applications = check list

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Stealth memories

Skunkman: "I was there when we briefed the USAF on the F-117 and at the end Ben Rich said 'if we make it invisible and we make it for a cost of $25 million do you want to make history?' The USAF general replied 'that's the only thing you've said so far that makes sense!'"


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