Inauguration Today, April 1st is the scheduled date for the inauguration of Lufthansa's scheduled services in Germany. International flights within Europe (from Hamburg to London, Paris and Madrid) are to start on May 15th, and it is expected that transatlantic services between Hamburg and New York will begin on June 6th.

Atomic Ack-Ack The Atomic Energy Commission and Defence Department of the U.S.A. disclosed in Washington last week-end that America is to have atomic anti-aircraft weapons. Present tests in Nevada, it was said, would include the explosion of a nuclear weapon miles above the earth. The statement went on: "Because of their great power, atomic air-defence weapons will greatly increase our ability to repel an enemy air attack." It was further remarked that, although such a weapon, exploded at great heights, could destroy aircraft within a considerable distance from the point of burst, the tests should occasion no damage or injury from the blast, heat, or nuclear radiation to property or people on the ground. It seems probable that, in service, the weapon would take the form of a rocket missile rather than a shell from a gun.

Lundy's Air Mail A proportion of the post for Lundy Island, in the Bristol Channel, is carried on the 25-mile flight by an Auster of Devonair, Ltd. Both ingoing and outgoing letters are stamped and are delivered against payment of the due in Puffins, the local currency. Two new sets of stamps were issued recently, one for air and one for surface mail. The airmail stamps charmingly depict some of the Island's birds.

Ground Attack Reindeer owners in Northern Norway have been suffering badly from the depredations of wolves among the herds, and the Norwegian Air Force High Command has given permission for Service aircraft to engage in a hunt.

Source: Flight International