Scent of a woman?

"A Dallas-bound American Airlines flight was forced to make an emergency landing in Nashville, Tennessee on Monday morning after a passenger lit a match to disguise her flatulence, authorities said. All 99 passengers and five crew members were taken off and screened while the plane was searched and luggage was screened. The FBI questioned a female passenger who admitted she struck the matches in an attempt to conceal a 'body odour'."

(Spotted in Seattle Times, 6 December)

Straight & level 16 jan 2007

Narowbodies for widebodies?

Something for Hairbrush and Megaplanes to think about for the A320/737 replacements of the future? Hear what nuggets are on offer in the "HNA News" section of the Hainan Airlines' (HNA) website:

"An expert told the reporter that although HNA opened international routes like Beijing to Budapest, it is not so good. Most European passengers are fat, so it is hard for them to stand the narrow space in HNA cabin. What HNA should do is to design more products which will meet the requirements of the international passengers."

A320 XWB - maybe?

Speaking of which, it seems Hairbrush might have already taken the initiative. According to this report spotted by nephew Christian Hanuise on New Delhi, Indian TV channel NDTV on 4 December:

"An Indian Airlines flight IC 402 overshot the tarmac at Delhi airport Sunday night, eyewitness Rakesh Vaid told NDTV. All the 320 passengers on the flight from Kolkata disembarked safely."

As Christian points out, IC 402 is operated by an Airbus A320. "Probably an A320XWB."

Help the aged

The mail bag by your Uncle's piston-powered wheelchair in his Home For The Bewildered is bulging with letters and email printouts concerning news in the UK of the recent increase of the overall retirement pilot age to 65 years and possibly even beyond. Pick of the bunch comes from Captain Pete (aged 52 and 3/4) Barber. "Thus far over my career the occupant of the right-hand seat has been known variously as 'Oi', 'first officer', 'co-pilot', 'PNF', 'CM2', or 'P2'. Perhaps now to this list should be added 'carer'!" From now on please beware all future references to Captain Speaking could become "Captain Creaking".

It's a holding point

More offerings for the ground-level "virtual" holding waypoint from nephew Brian Race. How about LINGA, LOITA and ORBIT? "However (and this is admittedly just pure nostalgia for some UK-based readers) as Magic Roundabout's best-loved character is arguably Zebedee then a reasonable five-letter rendition might be ZBDEE"...or how about honour of the snail?

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Source: Flight International