An airline for smokers

It says here:

"A German broker named Alexander Shoppman decided to establish a new airline for smokers named 'Smokers International Airways' (SMINT AIR in short) that should commence operation in less than a year. 'In the first stage we will establish a route from Düsseldorf to Tokyo and Shanghai,' reported Alexander Shoppman in a press conference and indicated that requests for tickets are already flowing to his office. Shoppman's idea is to convert a Boeing 747 that usually flies 560 passengers to a flying smoking parlour with giant ashtrays at every seat. A ticket to Tokyo will cost as much as a ticket in a regular airline, €6,000 in business class and €10,000 in first class." (From Israeli newspaper Maariv.)

Monty Orangeball has it on good authority that low-cost carrier versions are also being considered for both the USA and Europe. Owing to language differences the UK-based "Fag Butt Express" title is not expected to be used for the sister carrier in the USA. Monty says he already predicts flightdeck crew comments on arrival at day one: "Well they might have unlimited visibility down there, but we're bloody well CAT3 and a bit up here!"

Straight&level: 21 Nov 2006

Green with envy

Recently overheard on London Heathrow tower frequency just after take-off for Singapore.

American pilot: "Thank you, gentlemen, after 30 years this is my last flight from Heathrow."

ATC: "Thank you, sir, have a good retirement."

(After a moment's pause)

First Disgruntled Voice: "Lucky devil".

Second Disgruntled Voice: "Bet he gets a pension."

"Can't swear to it, but probably Birdseed pilots," says our man at the scene.

The pride of (Mr) Brodie?

"We overhear a young chap, presumably from a private school, at Edinburgh airport checking in with his family when staff informed them that identification was required, even on a domestic flight to London. Showing what a future leader he is going to be, the young chap stepped forward and told airline staff: 'My name is sewn into the back of my jumper'."

(Spotted in Herald, the former Glasgow Herald, by nephew Alan Dron.)

All ln this together

Overheard by nephew David Chaytor on a recent Birdseed Airways flight to Delhi.

Captain Speaking: "Ladies and gentleman, Delhi control have finally cleared their arrival backlog and have informed us that we should be landing at Indira Gandhi international airport in around 10-15 minutes time. I should be grateful if you could return to your seats and prepare for landing." Pause for 10 seconds. "Cabin crew, needless to say that you too shall be landing in 10-15 minutes time!"

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Source: Flight International