Greenhouse gas?

AH Hawker, our very own environmentally concerned "Green Gauger", thinks he may have stumbled on to the perfect way to reduce the size of the industry's clod-hoppingly large carbon footprint. Here he explains: "I was going to go flying today, when I would have made my very own contribution to the CO2 emissions debate. Since I didn't go, out of respect for the environment, the carbon I didn't emit will stand to my credit. Can I now sell my credit to an airline as a carbon offset? If so, all we all need do is plan an infinite number of flights that we don't then make - and sell the credits to IATA et al. End of problem - yes?", sadly not, actually.

uncle roger 24 Apr 07

Mañana news

(From Latin America News Agency):

Airbus to Launch A380

Paris, Mar 19. After a series of strikes that reached Europe on Friday, Airbus announced that it will finally launch the A380 aircraft, which will be tested in commercial flights in the United States.

(Well, better late than never I suppose.)

Mystery revealed?

Ever want to know why Poland's supersonic strike project, the PZL TS-16, was cancelled in the 1960s? Probably not, but Stewart Sidewinder was going through his big website of naff, rubbish, useless, forgotten and otherwise redundant aircraft and discovered the ill-fated project was dubbed "Grot". Well no wonder, thinks he. "Not so fast, you ignoramus," says former Eastern Bloc watcher Wladyslaw "what's it all about" Warsaw. "Don't you realise that Grot is Polish for Arrowhead? Which reminds me - didn't you Westerners have something called the Avro Arrow? And what about your famous TSR-2?"


"Flight operations at 15 Wing Moose Jaw were temporarily suspended on Wednesday after a student pilot ejected from a Harvard II aircraft and suffered minor injuries. The student and an instructor - both Canadians whose names have not been released - were on the ground preparing to taxi when the incident occurred at 08:57. 'The (ejection) seat worked as advertised,' said Lt Col Paul Goddard, acting Wing Commander for the base. 'The parachute opened and [the student] landed here on the ramp at Moose Jaw.' The instructor remained inside the plane."

(From The Moose Jaw Times Herald.)

Your Uncle wants to know if this qualifies the unfortunate (and yet lucky) student to be a member of Martin-Baker's Tie Clubor even the famous Caterpillar Club?

Source: Flight International