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“An advanced composite material stronger than steel, yet lighter than
air. Primary elements are hopes and dreams. Not to be confused with its
close cousin Balonium, which is crafted from fear and lies.”
(Thanks to Nephew Paul “VLJ” Richfield)

Uncle Roger

‘Allo ‘allo ‘allo

(Spotted in ISN Security Watch)
“The authorities in Togo reportedly have seized a number of combat airplanes from a former French policeman living in the Central African nation’s capital, Lome, over the past two weeks. According to the BBC, retired French policeman Robert Montoya had two MiG-23 fighters and two Mi-8 battle helicopters parked at the Lome airport. Reports said Montoya owned several security companies in Togo.”
Let the train take the strain?

Nephew Jesper Vanddam, who risks revealing himself as a closet anorak with a capital “A” by bringing this to my attention, tells me the first Piaggio P180 Avanti II was registered I-RAIL. “Do you sense a little insecurity at the Italian aircraft manufacturer?” asks Jesper.
Super-Super Dak?

While every TAP knows that the first turboprop-powered Douglas C-47B/Dakota IV was in fact an Armstrong-Siddeley ASMa6 Mamba experimental conversion in 1949, and that three Daks were converted to Rolls-Royce Dart power in 1950-1 (plus of course all those other PT6-versions later on), news may be emerging of yet another British engine conversion. Nephew Alec “quart-of-ale” Moore uncovered the news in (where else?) the back pages of your very own Budgie News (P51, Flight International, 10-16 January) to be exact: “Air Power in Lakeport, California, specialises in DC-3 aircraft, and Rolls-Royce Avon engines.” Isn’t this pushing the fine old Dakota just a teeny bit too far? “My mind is boggled!” says quart-of-ale.

Budgie ‘web’ blues

According to your very own, very comprehensive and highly visited flightinternational.com website, the extremely nice people at Air Seychelles are on the hunt for a flight ops manager. Unusually, it seems, the right candidate will have masses of experience in “STOPS, RVSM and RNav” operations. Now RVSM (relaxed vacation situation monitoring) and RNav (reduced neurosis and/or Vicodin) we understand, but STOPS? Well, it is obviously not ETOPS. So STOPS must be something about staying put in one place, and if it is in the Seychelles, who can blame them?
(Spotted by Nephew Mark Zee.)

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