U.S.-U.S.S.R Incident

Following the disappearance of a B-29 off Northern Japan on October 7th, the United States Government has delivered a note accusing the Soviet Union of a "wanton and unjustifiable attack" on the bomber. The protest flatly rejects a Russian allegation that the B-29 had violated Soviet territory and opened fire on fighters which intercepted it. The Russian version of the incident was that the interception took place over Yuri Island, which is claimed by the U.S.S.R. as part of the Kurile Islands. The incident first came to light when an American radar plot of the B-29's track disappeared from the screen after a "blip" had been seen to meet it.

Bombers in Manchuria

The U.S. Secretary of the Air Force, Mr. Thomas Finletter, has stated that a new type of Russian twin-jet bomber "similar to the British Canberra" had been seen in Manchuria. He added the warning, "It is a potentially dangerous factor in the Korean war." According to Mr. Finletter, the Russians have sent more than 4,400 aircraft, including 2,000 jets, to the Chinese and North Koreans. Coincident with Mr. Finletter's statement came the news that the Glen Martin concern has received a second order for a "substantial number" of B-57s. This type is a night-intruder version of the Canberra.

Another Security Leak

Yet another deplorable leakage of British secret information has occurred in America with the release of the name and some details of a new Rolls-Royce gas turbine. The U.S. report refers to the Conway as a ducted-fan unit to power the Comet 4 in 1960.

Jobs for Jerry

Middle East Airlines of Beirut, in the Lebanon, is seeking to recruit pilots among ex-members of the Luftwaffe and Lufthansa. Fifteen applicants - some with over 3,000 flying hours and good records - have been interviewed.

Ground Duty

The fact that several independent airlines employ stewardesses is often overlooked, and the spotlight of publicity is more often focussed on their counterparts in B.E.A. or B.O.A.C. At the reception preceding last week's B.I.A.T.A. annual dinner, drinks were served by stewardesses of several member-companies.

Source: Flight International