Farnsborough bring 'n' buy

Monty Orangeball, Rollo Freelunch, Rex Stocks and Stewart Sidewinder (who subsequently fused together to produce one superhack while writing this report in the record-breaking Hampshire summer temperatures) bring you this special report:


Megajet man: "Aaaahhh forget all this tiltrotor stuff… only a real aircraft sets off the car alarms at the show!"

Alphonse Aurevoir: "We were going to take the Airbrush Megamonster to Abu Dhabi for hot-weather trials next week, but we've decided to stay and do them in England instead."

straigh & level 25 july 2006 


Scruggs Nimrod pilot: "And you'll see several distinctive features, including new engines in the wingtips… sorry wingroots!"

ASTOR man: "It also comes with a very expensive…oh sorry…EXTENSIVE training programme."


(During several power outages in press centre)

Megaplanes: "And to improve the interior we're redesigning the lighting…(sudden failure of lights, powerpoint and room plunged into darkness).

... and meanwhile in the briefing room next door.

Lord Armchair: "Has anyone got a torch? (laughter)…no really, has anyone got a torch?"

Missing in action:

Advanced Turbot spokesman (at press conference, obviously filling in time): "We have an idiot of a taxi driver, who has lost my friend who is due to make this announcement, somewhere in the middle of England."

(Thirty minutes later… reading a note) "We have found him! The good news is he is at Farnborough. The bad news is he is hundreds of kilometres away at Farnborough in Kent! Zut alors!"

Missing in flight...

Arriving at Fairford (OK... not technically F'boro), the crew of the Joint Cargo Aircraft C-295 demonstrator (Team JCA) discovered some of their sticky backed plastic had peeled off in-flight to reveal "Team Jamaica" or "Team California"? Take your pick, the temperature is right!


50 years ago inverse colors TN


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Source: Flight International