Tough down under?

Bluey Strewth, our very own Aussie defence watcher, spotted this recent “AusTender” and thought we should know:

“Opportunity No. JLU-NQ TSV 01/06 – Standing Offer for the provision of barramundi, coral trout, snapper, tiger prawns and king prawns to the Department of Defence within the Townsville region for work category Seafood, with tender type Expression of Interest – view details at etc, etc.”

Bruce Anzac: “Ah, g’day mate. I just wanted you all to know it is hell working for the Australian Defence Forces, having to slum it eating barramundi [one of the world’s truly divine fish], tiger prawns [what can I say? Bring on the BBQ and the lemongrass sauce] and coral trout [it melts in your mouth and served with just a touch of ginger is just something else again]...bloody marvelous! Now, where’s that flamin’ barbee?”

straight & level 28 June 2006


Budgie jargon

Nephew Bob Owen wants to know if the mention in a recent edition (Flight International, 6-12 June, P12) of “The latest wing rendition” could have more sinister undertones.

“Where was the wing captured, through which countries did it travel and where is it now detained? I think we should be told,” says Bob.

Green and mean

True Grit (speaking to aerospace hacks): “As you can see from this picture we had to build this new assembly site in terribly marshy ground. Any of you know the difference between a wetland and a swamp?”
Baffled silence from aerospace hacks.
Grit: “If there’s an environmentalist in the room it’s a wetland. If there isn’t, it’s a swamp.”

Counting conkers

The last Saturday of July will mark the 30th anniversary of the first British-built Concorde (002) completing its test phase and being handed over to the Fleet Air Arm museum in Yeovil, England for safe keeping. To mark the occasion, the museum will host a Concorde Celebration day on Saturday 29 July, beginning with a flying display of jet model aircraft by the BMFA (British Model Flying Association) on the adjoining RNAS Yeovilton Air Station and will start at 11:00. From 14:00 there will be a series of talks by experts, including Tony English, the museum’s technology lecturer, Patrick Hassell, who was one of the Rolls-Royce technicians who worked on and flew in Concorde 002, and Capt Ian McNeilly, who flew Concorde for Birdseed Airways for 10 years, crossing the Atlantic 1,030 times and reaching a record speed of 2,392km/h (1,486mph)!
Details can be found at
Tel: +44 (0)1935 842638

Brain strain

With pressure increasing on Hairbrush’s flight-test department, as it races to complete the A380 testing and other programmes, Budgie News asked the manufacturer’s senior vice-president flight test Fernando Alonso [no, not he of Formula One racing fame] if he had time to keep an eye on everything.

Fernando: “Oh, yes. I only spend about 90% of my time concentrating on the A380, and the other 50% worrying about the other programmes like the A320 winglet testing!”

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Source: Flight International