10th Anniversary Five Lincolns of No.7 Sqn, Bomber Command, are to take part in the celebrations in connection with the tenth anniversary of the liberation of the Netherlands which are being organized by the Municipality of The Hague today, April 29th. They are to fly over The Hague and drop tulip-heads and leaflets containing messages of goodwill. This is to symbolise the dropping of food by the Royal Air Force which began on April 29th, 1945, to relieve the starving Dutch citizens during the final stages of Occupation. The Germans had agreed to allow the aircraft unimpeded passage.

Royal Helicopters Recent weeks – and news of events to come – have demonstrated unmistakeably that helicopter travel has received the approval of the Royal Family. Though no official announcement has yet been made, it is understood that a trio of rotating-wing aircraft are shortly to be added to the Queen's Flight (which at present consists of three Vikings, about to be joined by a Heron; and it is believed that a requirement has been written for a Royal Viscount).

U.S.A.F. Accidents Aircraft accidents in the United States Air Force declined last year for the fourth year in succession. There were 20 crashes per 100,000 flying hours in non-combat operations, compared with 38 during the same number of hours in 1950. Fifty per cent of the total of 1,873 flying accidents in 1954 were due to human error.

Darwin Airfield Construction work is soon to start on a new air base at Darwin in the Northern Territory of Australia. It will take two years to build, and will be constructed by the Works Squadron of the R.A.A.F. which has just completed a runway at Williamtown N.S.W. The cost is estimated at £A3,000,000.

Source: Flight International