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Martinique’s Ford de France, in the Caribbean, is now served by affiliate American Eagle from its San Juan hub, in Puerto Rico, with an initial four services a week, using 64-seat ATRs. Apparently American Eagle is considering a livery change to mark the new “Ford” service and has been told it can consider any colour – just as long as it’s black.

(Spotted in a recent Oneworld update email)


Uncle Roger’s periodic table part 2

Unobtanium: “A virtually impossible material offering an unfeasibly optimistic combination of low weight and high strength.” (Patrick Head, Williams F1.)
Plus ca frequency change

Alphonse Aurevoir: “I think we are losing the hub versus point to point/frequency debate? The scribes don’t believe us that big is better – they all say that frequency is far more important.”

Hairbrush marketing executive: “Perhaps we should preach our message more frequently?”

Aurevoir: “We’ve tried that, but the problem is our presenter is on the wrong frequency!”

Hairbrush: “Well, get him to switch back from VHF to HF.”

Aurevoir: “Pardon?”

Hairbrush: “You remember, mon ami. Didn’t you see our test pilot quoted in Flight International the other week? ‘Very High French’ accent to simple ‘High French’.”
Closer to thy God? Part 2

Following the recent “Savage” story about the Archbishop of Canterbury’s flight on Concorde, former Conc driver John Eames kindly tells me of a similar ecclesiastical moment in September 1975 on G-BOAC. “Captain Tony Meadows flew as P1, with me in the right-hand seat and a British Aerospace captain in command in the jump seat – on this occasion it was, I think, Brian Trubshaw. Before the flight I was approached by one of Archbishop Coggan’s party, who told me that one of Dr Coggan’s bishops had been on a similar flight the week before and had been up to about 58,000ft. Could I make sure that the Archbishop went even higher? I of course agreed. After the flight to 40˚ west and back, Dr Coggan came into the flightdeck and sat in the captain’s seat that Tony had vacated. Pictures were taken and one appeared in the Guardian the next day. I am reliably informed that many readers of that august newspaper were heard to enquire of their spouses: ‘Who is that person sitting on the flightdeck of Concorde talking to John Eames?’”

Eames also adds: “Concorde’s flight envelope only went up to 60,000ft, so perhaps Roger Bacon’s informant had been indulging along with the Archbishop!” All I can say is: “Nephew Mike ‘eau’ Savage indulging? Is the Pope a Catholic?”

50 years ago inverse colors TN

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Source: Flight International