Delta Golf reborn

Not far from the original Pilgrim's Way of Chaucer fame, Concorde lovers everywhere now have their own place of pilgrimage in Weybridge, Surrey, one of the spiritual homes of British aviation. Thanks to the dedicated efforts of renowned Concorde aficionado Gordon Roxburgh and a team of supersonic stalwarts at Brooklands museum, delta wing fans of every vintage can pay homage to this wonderful machine in virtually factory new condition. Officially opened by His Royal Highness Prince Michael of Kent on 26 July, the restored aircraft G-BBDG is now the museum's star exhibit.

"I made my first Concorde flight on Delta Golf in 1974, and who'd have thought that I'd be here 32 years later at the official opening...wearing the same tie!" joked museum patron Prince Michael. The quality of the restoration of this Concorde - which as serial number 202 was the first UK-built production aircraft - is remarkable. This airframe, which had lain all but derelict at Filton in recent years, was shipped to Brooklands by road two years ago in pieces and now stands proudly in the original Birdseed Airways red-tail colours of the 1970s.

A visit on board Delta Golf includes a "flight" in the fully furnished forward cabin where a sound and video show hosted by former BA chief Concorde pilot Mike Bannister provides a realistic simulation of what take-off and the transonic acceleration was like aboard "The Rocket".

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Straight & level 8 August 2006 

Bulging bypass

Bruce Bigfan: "We started to get concerned about the weight so we hired independent consultants."

Budgie News: "And what did they say?"

Bigfan: "That we'd be 500lb overweight."

Budgie: "So what did you do then?"

Bigfan: "We fired them!"


Following our '2 good 2 need 4 engines' story Nephew Ginger Beer calls me to let us know that "when the new Megaplane twins entered service and went over the pond, I would mutter "2 engines 2 crew 2 far" from the safety of the third seat of our large DC trijet.

"Later, Birdseed Airways 4 jet does it 3 as well - ah well, that's OK then."

O'Leary's law

Nephew James McBride tells me he recently boarded a Ryanair Megaplanes 737-800 and noted that his seat back would not budge. "I mentioned it to the stewardess and asked her why the seats didn't recline and she replied it was a "new CAA regulation". I responded in incredulous tone 'oh really?!' and her reply was simply: 'No sirO'Leary!' with a big wink and then she flounced off down the cabin."


50 years ago inverse colors TN


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