Migs Destroy RB-29 Another air shooting incident off Northern Japan occurred last Sunday, November 7th. This time the American aircraft involved was an RB-29 of the 91st Strategic Reconnaissance Squadron, based on Yekata, Hokkaido. Said by the State Department to have been a routine photographic reconnaissance flight, the aircraft was attacked at 11,000ft by two Migs. The crew of 12 baled out over the sea, and ten of them were rescued. The RB-29, on fire, glided to Nemuro, a port in north-east Japan, where it struck a house. A protest was sent to Moscow.

Communist Contracts Off-shore contracts placed in Europe by the Mutual Defence Assistance Programme all carry a clause which specifies that such contracts shall be fulfilled only by "non-Communist firms," or at least by organizations in which the preponderant influence is non-Communist. The U.S. Embassy in Rome has now announced that some contracts placed with Italian firms have been cancelled on this ground; and that other work must be farmed out, as far as possible, to employees who are not Communist sympathisers.

Fighting the Mau Mau The armament of the Harvard is comparatively light, consisting of eight 19 lb fragmentation bombs and 450 rounds of 0.303 ammunition fired from a single gun in the starboard wing. Nevertheless, there is much evidence of the devastation wrought among gangs of Mau Mau by these ageing and battered, but much respected trainers. Our target was a bend in the Sagana River. Ahead of us loomed the snow-capped bulk of Mount Kenya. We skimmed the trees, following the line of the river bed, and pulled into a steep climbing turn. A line of grey-brown puffs of smoke studded the meandering line of the river. We made three more passes along the target, and this time the flame from the Browning gun flickered bright orange against the dark green foliage. The sortie was over, successfully completed. Ahead lay the brightness of Nairobi; behind, the darkness of the forest.

Reduced Fares Reduced fares on north and central Atlantic services were introduced on November 1st. The first-class return fare between London and New York, for example, has dropped from £257 5s to £228 12s, and the tourist return fair for the same route is £151 16s, compared with £186 10s.


Source: Flight International