Triumphant Picture Most general-release films which come our way are easy to review; words of criticism are rarely difficult to find, and the majority of air-war films are not only indifferent in their technical accuracy but treat their subjects with the familiar Hollywood approach that effectively prevents the critic from caring very much about either the subject-matter or the outcome. For a change, The Dam Busters comes as a breath of fresh air, carrying the viewer back into the grim and great days of 1942-3, holding him entranced, and leaving him with a strong impression, that here, at least, is a film of which Britain can be proud.

Luftwaffe Redividus With the West German Federal Republic now a member of NATO, a new Luftwaffe will soon arise from the ashes of that laid low by Anglo-American air power just a decade ago. But there will be an essential difference: it will not be a completely independent air arm but an integral part of Allied Air Forces Central Europe. It is to be a purely tactical force, supplemented by six Staffeln (squadrons) of transport aircraft. Total strength will be 80,000 officers, N.C.O.s and airmen and precisely 1,326 aircraft.

Mothballed For years the Air Ministry has been experimenting with methods of keeping birds away from airfields. Now, it seems, a P/O. J. Irving has discovered that 3 cwt of mothballs distributed over a runway will keep it clear of birds for months.

Stand-by One... Coming in to land at Nouasseur in North Africa after a recent training flight, a B-47 developed under carriage trouble. Rather than risk a crash landing, the crew set about curing the fault in the air. Thirty-six hours and three air-refuellings later they had carried out repairs and were able to make a good landing.

Source: Flight International