New to aerospace?

"Well, yes actually," admits Ben Bartel of Avcraft Aviation - the group attempting to return the Dornier 328JET to production. Speaking with brutal honesty about the trials and tribulations of finding a new wing manufacturer, Bartel says: "I'm not an aviation person, and quite frankly I'm not sure I want to be. However, I have found that this aircraft doesn't fly a damn without wings!"


Rex Stocks: "We've been doing a bit of research, and it seems the heightened security measures at US airports have certainly been a benefit."

Monty Orangeball: "Benefit? To whom?"

Rex: "Sock travels with holey socks anymore."

Cheap at half the price...

(More from the Budgie Blues archives)

€186.5 to lease 24 Tornado F Mk3s. "Recommend a gullible and forgiving insurance company and a BP garage with a high roof and I'll take six," says Nephew Praetorius Bosshammer.

BUT...we are not alone. Spotted on someone else's website by air rage-aware Nephew Dave Rumball: "Monarch Scheduled launched three new routes from Manchester to Barcelona, Gibraltar and Tenerife using 180-seat A320s. The Barcelona and Tenerife services are daily; fights to Gibraltar are thrice-weekly."

New planes dept

Faithful correspondent AH Hawker alerts me to some significant new developments:

The Hairbrush A380 is secretly being developed into a much larger-mass transport vehicle for very specific passenger types as revealed by a senior widebody: "We believe the 555-seat A380 will be an ideal vehicle to transport tens of thousands of athletes, sports fans, businessmen and tourists to China."

Meanwhile, the design of the Megaplanes Dreamliner is getting down to the gritty details. "Help us design the new Boeing 7E7: Boeing engineers and designers are working full time to design a lavatory that will meet very high standards of convenience and comfort."

Source: Flight International