Home Swede home Smorgasplane, developer of the famous Smorgasprop 2000, has unveiled its new personal air vehicle, the Smorgasjet. Coming in one or two-seater configuration, this handy little run-around fits snugly on the drive and has spectacular "get-up-and-go" performance according to project leader Olaf Outloud. Derived from a previous military project, the Smorgasjet does use some of the original systems. "We had adapted the 'gripen-grin' flight control system to get you home extra fast, and some of the original weapons have been retained 'for weekend sporting trips'," he says. The 27mm Mauser cannon and one round of AMRAAMs come with the standard package, though the DWS90 cluster weapon is not available for the commuter version. "We thought there wasn't much point. After all, at Mach 1 plus, the average commute lasts less than 2min, so it's not like we're going to get much in the way of road rage," says Outloud. Some modifications are being studied to reduce noise on take-off after complaints from some neighbours. "They used to moan about people slamming the doors of their Volvo too hard. You wait until they get an earful of RM12 at full bore at 6.30 in the morning! This may be a personal air vehicle, but it is certainly NOT one of those very-light jets," says Outloud.

Super-jet reggies Before we even get into the Hairbrush megamonster naming competition, here are a few suggestions sent in regarding F-WWOW, the registration of the first A380 revealed at the er...reveal. F-WWOW pros: We won, out of the way We wield our weight We wondered ourselves why? (no-one else has done it) W...wow! F-WWOW cons: We went over weight We won, oops wrong We wondered ourselves why?

Overheard at Paris 2005 Hairbrush A380: "Does this Glare make me look fat?" Megaplanes Dreamachine: "Yes dear."

We're changing slogans, and it shows Del Tarr: "Did you know our slogan is being changed from 'We love to fly, and it shows'." A T Lanta: "Really? I've been in meetings all day. What is it now?" Del Tarr: "We love to meet, and it shows."

Prickly problem (From The Australian - spotted by A H Hawker.) Dead hedgehog costs France $5m ...at the airport in the southern city of Marseilles, attracting around 20 seagulls which were picking at it, oblivious to the Air France Airbus A320 roaring down... (I think you can probably guess where this is going).

Source: Flight International