Polish sausage (Spotted by nephew Dick Forsberg on the website of new Polish start-up Centralwings) "Like every low-cost airline we do not serve free beverages and meals on board. Catering service means additional cost for our passengers, which we are trying to avoid. But there is always something for those who get hungry. Ask our flight attendant and you will be served with delicious snacks or sweets for a substantial cost."

Willies wise words With Aer Fungus chief executive Willie Walsh emerging as the next Birdseed boss, here are a few lively reminders of his views as revealed over a recent Aviation Club lunch: On being asked what advice he'd give to rival Irish airline boss Michael O'Leary, famous for owning a registered taxi so he can use special lanes ro avoid Dublin traffic: "I'd say the same I would to any taxi driver: ‘Shut up and leave me alone'." On suggestions that he might start up his own airline and call it Willie Air: "Imagine the ads Ryanair would run: ‘Willie Air – you'd have to be a dick to fly with them' – or ‘Willie Air – they screw every passenger'." On Virgin Atlantic founder Sir Richard Branson's plans to be the first to offer space tourism flights. "If Michael O'Leary launched his own trips to Mars, you'd be left on the dark side of the Moon and made to pay extra for weightlessness."

Clone wars Far from getting away from the old "G.I." (government issue) image, it seems the US military has merely evolved to a new level of impersonal bureaucracy. According to a recent USAF contract, work is under way on: "An intelligent computational system to help fielded human units to adapt to their mission online in response to change."

Round the bend No such problems in Brazil where special Amazon correspondent Rio Ferdinand de Ronaldo Bandeirante reports events from on board a recent Gol Transportes Aeros flight from Brasilia to Rio de Janeiro. After the usual speeches in Portuguese, the cabin crew chief went on to render the English version: "This aircraft has three lavatories. One in the forward area and two in the rear. In an effort to give added comfort to our passengers, please note that the left rear lavatory is for human use only." (Bandeirante thinks he meant to say "women").

Uncle Roger's Euronym guide: (From Dassault Euro R&D website) New Aircraft Concept Research=Nacre (sometimes known as Nacker)

Source: Flight International