UK technology start-up Stratajet has secured $5 million of investment to fund the roll-out of its real-time, online business aircraft booking platform across Europe in the third quarter, as well as its expansion into the US market.

Stratajet says the platform will shake up the business jet market by making online booking simple, clear, cost efficient and accurate.

“We have been developing this software for five years,” says Stratajet founder and managing director Jonathan Nicol. “We have been waiting to perfect the product [currently in beta model] before we formally launch it.”

The Stratafleet pricing tool takes into account "every single variable that affects price" – including airport landing fees, airspace and handling charges – allowing an operator to provide "immediate and perfect quotations" through the Stratajet online booking platform. This allows end-users to receive real-time pricing and availability for private jet flights.

“By providing a platform that is accurate, we will not only increase the profit margins for charter operators [by minimising the number of empty or partial empty legs], but will also drive down the cost of charter for the customer,” says Nicol, a former pilot.

Stratajet is set to embark on a four-month tour of Europe to promote its technology to operators and FBOs. The exercise, branded “Operation Longreach” by the London-headquartered company, will involve a small team of Stratajet employees visiting European airfields in a company-owned Piper PA-34 Seneca piston twin, piloted by Nicol.

Source: Flight International