ACMI operator Avion Express is re-entering the airfreight market in response to increased demand for freighter aircraft operations as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Avion Express, originally established as a cargo and passenger airline in 2005, works with clients in Europe, Africa, the Asia-Pacific and Latin America, and has a fleet comprised of 22 Airbus A320s.

Avion Express Airbus A320

Source: Avion Express

Darius Kajokas, chief executive of Avion Express, explains: “Transportation doesn’t stop with passenger flights being suspended. While the very last repatriation flights are still taking place, people and organisations around the world are in great need of supplies, food, medical equipment.

“As Avion Express has always been characterised by its flexibility, we are now adapting our operations in accordance with market requirements. Although we are currently mostly focusing on the transportation of humanitarian aid and medical equipment in the fight against Covid-19, other cargo requests are also very welcomed and thoroughly considered.”

Avion Express is ready to run cargo-only flights on its passenger aircraft. It can offer freight capabilities of up to 17 tonnes in its A320 aircraft, and up to 24 tonnes in its A321 bellyhold as well as in the cabin.

The airline has said that many of its A320s and A321s, which are currently located in Central and Eastern Europe, are immediately ready for service.

In 2019, to strengthen its position in the market, Avion Express established Avion Express Malta, a subsidiary airline based in Malta, which has FAA approval to transport goods to and from the US and Canada.