Lufthansa is to begin transporting a preserved Lockheed L-1649A to Bremen from the US city of Auburn this week, to join the carrier's vintage Junkers Ju 52 as they await a permanent home.

The four-engined airliner has been the subject of a restoration effort.

Lufthansa says it will start the transportation effort on 8 September. The fuselage, both wings and the tail section will be carried on vehicles from Auburn, Maine, to Portland.

They will be loaded on a ship along with the engines, undercarriage and various other components in more than 200 containers.

Lufthansa says the ship will depart on 18 September and is due to arrive in Bremen on 5 October. The aircraft parts will then be unloaded and stored in a modern warehouse.

The L-1649A will join the company's Ju 52 which was recently transported to Hamburg but which will be moved to Bremen, via three low-loaders, on 17 September.

Lufthansa says both aircraft are being "temporarily stored" while their future is being decided. The carrier has previously evaluated the possibility of placing the Ju 52 in a museum.

"Both aircraft remain the property of [Lufthansa]," it stresses. "The decision shows that the company attaches great importance to the historical value of the two aircraft."