Compensation-claim processing site Flightright has initiated legal action in Germany on behalf of passengers seeking compensation for Ryanair flight delays and cancellations resulting from strikes.

Flightright says it filed the lawsuit at a regional court in Frankfurt on 14 August.

The company disputes Ryanair's position that industrial action is an "exceptional circumstance" warranting rejection of compensation claims, arguing that the airline has "caused such a strike through years of wage-dumping and salami tactics in talks with the trade unions."

It describes the strike as "home-made" and "the logical consequence of Ryanair's questionable personnel policy".

Ryanair says it "fully complies" with EU compensation rules set down under the EU261 regulation.

"Under EU261 legislation, no compensation is payable when the union is acting unreasonably and totally beyond the airline's control," says Ryanair. "If this was within our control, there would be no cancellations."

The airline's schedule has recently been disrupted by industrial action by pilots in Belgium, Ireland and the Netherlands, as well as Germany, in disputes over union recognition and working conditions.

Source: Cirium Dashboard