ILYUSHIN HAS DISPLAYED its Il-76MF transporter, considered to be the only real competitor so far for Antonov's troubled An-70 programme. The aircraft's cabin has been stretched by 6.6m, compared with earlier versions of the Il-76, offering an increase in cargo capacity of up to 1.5t. The new variant also has a 12% fuel efficiency advantage over its predecessor, and up to 20% more range at average load. The aircraft is powered by four, 155kN (35,000lb)-thrust Perm PS-90A engines, and offers a 200t take-off weight with a maximum 52t payload. The range, with a 40t payload, is 5,200km (2,800nm). Ilyushin says that the aircraft has received interest to date from Aeroflot and the Russian air force.

Source: Flight International