Negotiations are under way with an unnamed engine manufacturer for the commercialisation of a rotating turbine component that its inventors claim could reduce overall engine mass.

A group of postdoctoral students from two UK universities that own the intellectual property to the turbine component claim it is half the mass of the part it replaces. As the technology is patent pending the group of postdoctoral students wishes to remain anonymous while trying to commercialise it.

These researchers say they have conducted mass sensitivity analysis, stress analysis, patent searches and a market feasibility report. They claim the sensitivity analysis indicated the turbine component will decrease overall engine mass by about 6%.

"If we were to consider the benefit to the American Eagle Embraer ERJ-145 fleet of 206 aircraft, the weight saving per aircraft would be about 90kg (198lb)," says the group.

American Eagle ERJ 145
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The group sees the turbine component's market as unmanned air vehicles, small expendable short-life engines, civil and military fixed wing aircraft and helicopter engine applications.

Source: Flight International