Austrian regional carrier Styrian Spirit is filing for bankruptcy protection, but late last week prospects for the carrier appeared bleak as it prepared to lay off all 152 staff members. The Graz-based airline suspended operations on 24 March after failing to secure fresh financing. Reinhard Zechner, chief executive of Karnten Tourismus Holding, which owns nearly 43% of Styrian, says: “This is the end of the airline. People have lost their jobs and the airline does not exist [any more]. There is no more chance.” Formalities for entry into bankruptcy protection were due to be finalised on 27 March. Styrian owns two of its aircraft – a Bombardier CRJ200 and a CRJ700 – while its other three CRJ200 jets are owned by Bombardier Capital. The airline also has a Bombardier CRJ900 on order.

Source: Flight International