Flight International online news 15:00GMT:The first Bombardier CRJ900 in Europe is heading for Austria after regional carrier Styrian Spirt formally signed a deal to acquire the aircraft.

Styrian operates three Bombardier CRJ200s and a CRJ700, but has now firmed up an option, initially earmarked for a second CRJ700.


The 88-seater aircraft deal - now confirmed by Bombardier – has previously been detailed by Styrian, which plans to deploy the aircraft under its new Carinthian Spirit branding.

Styrian Spirit CEO Otmar Lenz says: “[In ordering the CRJ900] we get a larger aircraft, which we need on some of our routes, yet because of the commonality we will save a substantial amount of money on crewing, maintenance and spare parts.”

“The commonality between the CRJ700 and CRJ900 aircraft was very important to us in our decision to order a CRJ900 rather than another CRJ700.”

The aircraft will be equipped with an enhanced performance package (EPP), which was certificated in May and provides improved take-off and landing distance performance through an optimised wing leading-edge and a redesigned winglet that results in an improved lift/drag ratio. 


Source: Flight International