Sukhoi has displayed its Su-27M Flanker derivative, fitted with thrust-vector control, at Tushino airfield during the Air Fleet Day show on 18 August. The aircraft, which has been dubbed the Su-37, is fitted with Lyulka/Saturn Al-37FU engines with thrust-vectoring nozzles. The most spectacular thrust-vectoring manoeuvre demonstrated was a rapid pitch-up, with the aircraft being recovered on to its back, continuing into a half-loop from the inverted position into level flight within an extremely tight turning radius. Although the thrust-vectoring nozzles were thought to operate only in pitch, some of the manoeuvres suggest a limited differential outward-yaw capability. The Su-37 was first flown on 2 April. The aircraft is believed to have a digital flight-control system, with a side-stick controller.



Source: Flight International